The struggle of (unfulfilled) romantic love

30 03 2009

Yesterday as I was looking out the window I sow my friends at last! They where dancing in the air, white and cold… I stood there, and more that I was watching, more that I seamed to hear them calling me:

“touch me”!

they where whispering slowly at first, but getting louder and louder. I opened the window and reached out with my bear hand. I tried to catch them, all if I could, but none came on my hand, until … at once I hearted again:

“don’t try to catch me, I’ll come to you”.

My hand was freezing when suddenly one snowflake, the most beautiful of all stopped dancing and came on to my finger, but just before it touched me, he slowly said:

I feel your passion and I shall burn with it

and melt in grace upon you skin

and then he touched my finger and tickled me with grace, it melted slowly and from cold became so worm… I had a question in my mind…and just before I said it loud, one snowflake told me that they feel the passion of the human being, and they all melt in burning love.

So silly…don’t you think? Snowflakes always melt when touching ones skin.

But no”, he said to me, like reading my thoughts even before they where clear, “we melt with passion but cry with empty souls. we touch their skin and turn to tears…

Next time you try to catch a dancing snowflake, don’t rush, he’ll come to you, he’ll feel the passion in your arms… your eyes… your lips, and he will melt, in love with you.


I wrote this post one winter ago inspired by the struggle of (unfulfilled) romantic love.




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