10 03 2009

Utterly impressive how sometimes words can be so fine chosen …that a million pictures can’t replace them.

Sweet whispers devoured by sorrow and pleasant inner pain open the gates of souls in love.

A lover knows only humility, he has no choice, he only dreams to unchain he’s lover’s soul, he looses all his strength, but within he’s lovers power he feels connected, reviled in the turbulent flood of endless desire and hunger for love’s taste.

One of the most beautiful love letters was written by Beethoven to his mysterious lover:

My Angel, my all, my other self

Just a few words today and that in pencil, yours – Only tomorrow will I know for certain where I am to stay, a worthless waste of time and such…

Why this deep sorrow…if we could be united, we would feel this pain no longer. Where I am, you are with me also. Soon we shall live together and what a life it would be.

The journey was dreadful. I did not arrive here until four in the morning. At the last stop, they warned me against traveling at night and tried to frighten me about a forest, but that only tempted me.

The coach had to go and break down on such a terrible road and for no reason, just a country road, and now I am held up completely. But I have found another and we will surely see one another soon. Today I hope…I have to see you…how ever much you love me, I love you more…Never hide yourself from me.

While still in my bed, my thoughts turn to you, my Immortal Beloved. Some of them happy, some sad. Waiting to see whether fate will hear us. I can live only completely with you or not at all. Yes, it must be.

I must go to sleep now. Be calm, love today, yesterday, what longing with tears for you, you, you’re my life, my everything. Farewell then, go on loving me

ever yours
ever mine





2 responses

10 03 2009
Ioana Hurjui

biutiful, Suzi 🙂
Pe vremea aia cuvintele nu erau golite de sens, pastrand doar o forma, ca acuma..

10 03 2009
Raluca Goia

oh c’mon…..vrei sa iti spun povestea cu fulgii de zapada? 🙂
apoi, pentru unii cuvintele insemna multe, pt altii fotografiile, iar pt o alta specie de oameni, tacearea e totul.
aceasta specie inca nu mi s-a revelat….so, eu cred in cuvinte care transced asa numitul si mult temutul „cliseu” si il imbratiseaza fara nicio spaima si nicio retinere.

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