Picturing life

19 02 2009

Bogdan Goia (nu am verificat daca avem vreo legatura)




bits of photography


pieces of me

Stefan Dinu




2 responses

20 02 2009

„Picturing life”?… Hmmm…
Poti adãuga si – uite de-aci: http://youniverse.com/statement/module/CareersModule/careers_v2 – niste ‘pictures’ despre care ‘ei’ spun ca-ti pot defini felul tau de-a vedea viata prin imagini (cicã). Da, e un fel de ‘test de personalitate’. Ti-l fac ‘cadou’ pentru weekend, pe care ti-l doresc ceva mai… însorit (nuuu! nu privi afarã acum! 😉 )

20 02 2009
Raluca Goia

gata! daca m-ai provocat….uite ce a iesit:

A highly creative visionary thinker, you are thoughtful and innovative with a strong intuition and self-belief. You enjoy working alone and have great confidence in your ideas. You like having lots of projects on the go – it makes you feel alive. Though fiercely independent, you are naturally caring and compassionate. You have a lot of drive and will work long into the night on a project if you are feeling inspired.

You have a deep connection to your spiritual self. This balanced outlook is an extremely powerful force in your life. You have a healthy sense of perspective and are driven by a strong moral value system.

Life probably feels quite inspiring to you right now. You’re firing on all cylinders and up for any challenge that comes your way. It’s a great way to be…as long as you don’t burn out too fast.

You tend to value your own opinion above others. When you’re immersed in creative work, your personal organisation and time management skills tend to suffer. At times, you find it hard to discipline your thoughts and to know which idea to focus on. There’s a chance that you may spread yourself too thinly.

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