What if?

25 11 2008

The End of Advertising

What if there were no TV? No radio or print? No traditional means of advertising?

Would marketers stop their trade?

Would companies grind to a halt?

Would we all need to find a new job?

The time may come soon that we have to consider this scenario…In his own controversial style, Stefan Kolle will demonstrate why many of the traditional ways in which media are selected simply have stopped making sense and why marketers and agencies have to stop advertising and start marketing, have to communicate with respect, insight and passion across all touchpoints, not just those that are convenient.

In completare as mai avea o intrebare: What if marketers would have a different view in mixing the advertising channels? What if they would try to stop for a second and and think that consumers have choices and a brilliant mind?

More answers tomorrow, and for certain, more questions, because good answers create new questions to brilliant minds.




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